The Department of Export specialized integrated development of exports of Egyptian marketing of Egyptian products in foreign markets, Arab and foreign countries.
Flavor, since it is based:
 * Most of the factories producing biscuits, chocolate and chewing gum and candies.
 * Export and natural juices and carbonated soft drinks.
 * Export of agricultural products of cereals, pulses and vegetable oils and medicinal herbs to the Arab countries and Europe.
 * Export of plastics manufacturer.
 * Export of Egyptian rice of all kinds
 * Export all summer and orange fruits and vegetables Egyptian



• familiar with the Egyptian law.
• know the regulations and how to deal with the bodies and individuals in Egypt.
• know how to make the best choice to accomplish each task.
• We have alternative plans and team work to solve any emergency problem.
• familiar with all the information and procedures in the field of customs clearance and shipping and logistics services in Egypt.
• We have a team with high efficiency practically and scientifically through studies and lectures by lecturers and academics and also through training courses in customs clearance.
• We can negotiate the best purchase prices from suppliers and factories foreign company through our agents abroad.

• Dealing with shipments drawback, temporary admission, re-export and reform / replays.
• end the necessary procedures for shipments of free zones and contained for tourism projects and goods subject to the Investment Law, galleries, government agencies, embassies, whether goods are exempt from customs duties or enjoying reduced fees.





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